Place   |   May 06, 2017

   The World Heritage site of Ayutthaya is approximately 2 hours drive from Bangkok and it’s a historical, fascinating temple city. The fastest way to reach it from Bangkok is by car. I took a taxi and the driver took me to all the temples and waited for me until I wanted to go back to Bangkok. The cost was around 2000 baht.

Make sure you bring water, sunglasses, flat shoes and wear something very light because it will be very warm.

  I started my day trip in the Historical Park which is the home to over a dozen of temples. At the entrance you can immediately buy the ticket for all temples in Ayutthaya which makes visiting more convenient. The next temples on my trip were the Wat Chaiwattanarm, Wat Phra Sri Sanphet, Temple of the Royal Restoration (Wat Ratchaburana), and the Wat Mahthat which was one of the highlights as here is located the famous tree with the Buddha Head surrounded by roots.
Last but not least was the Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Lokayasutharam) which was the temple I liked most because it’s very well kept and has a small park at the entrance. The architecture of the temples is all too similar to not say the same, but it’s for sure very interesting to spend one day here to discover the former capital of Siam.
What I wore
Ammos Accessories  pom pom sandals
Chloe bag

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