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Place   |   Jul 11, 2019

Whilst I was in Ibiza,  I did something that I have promised myself I would do for many years, treat myself to the Rock Star Experience, and hired a yacht for the day.  As there were only two of us we went for one of the smaller boats, a Cranchi 31 which can take up to 7 people.  The boat hire company we used, Boats Ibiza, have a great range of yachts, from the smaller day trip ones like the Cranchi to bigger ones like the Arno Leopard where you can sleep aboard and go for several days at a time.  Check out their fleet here  The guys at Boats Ibiza are hugely professional, and the trip details were sorted out with no trouble at all.  We showed up and once the formalities were completed, we were introduced to our Skipper, Alex and made our way to the boat.  It may be the smallest one in their fleet, but its still an amazing boat, sleek and stylish, it looks like its moving fast even when its tied to the quay.   We had decided on a half day cruise staying out long enough to see the sunset over the sea (more of that later 😊).  

There are two distinct areas where you can sunbathe at the front and at the back of the boat, out front you get the best views of where you are going, plus the lovely breeze when you are moving, and of course you can do the Titanic pose.  The rear deck is actually more comfortable as it has seats as well as a place to lie down,  and if it gets too hot there is a shade that can be unfurled to keep the sun at bay.   I’ts also much closer to the dinks – always have to think of keeping hydrated on those long hot days in the sun.  Drinks (Champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks) are complimentary and very welcome.

We took a leisurely cruise to Formentera, and although there is a platform that you can swim off, we decided not to and instead took the small boat to the beach for a short time playing on the beach.  It is a wonderful feeling lounging on the beach looking at your own private yacht moored just a short distance away, makes you really feel like a celebrity.

Once we had had enough fun at the beach, we rejoined our yacht and gently cruised to the best spot for the sunset.  As we were motoring along, we were really lucky to see a small pod of Dolphins cutting elegantly through the water.  They are so beautiful and majestic, no wonder they are always considered good luck by seafaring people.  As you can imagine there was a scramble for our cameras and phones to get a picture, but sadly they were moving a bit too quickly and obviously we could not chase after them, its their ocean after all, so we have to be content with the memory of seeing these beautiful animals in their natural environment.

As the sun began to set we were treated to the wonderful golden light over the blue sea, and watched the sun set sipping champagne, marvelling at the beauty of the view.  I can honestly say that it was one of the most beautiful sights I can remember, and just that was more than worth the hire of the boat.

All in all this was a remarkable afternoon/evening and was everything I thought it would be, being treated like a real rock star, and getting a taste of real luxury.  Boats Ibiza did everything right to make this a truly unforgettable experience, I cannot recommend them enough, I will certainly do this again every time I come to Ibiza. If you are looking for that little something extra to finish your holiday in Ibiza, then you should get in touch with Boats Ibiza and hire one of their yachts, it is great value for money and the perfect way to get treated like a true celebrity.  A huge thank you to them for a great experience.

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  1. This place is totally worth the trip , with a breathtaking scenery and an unforgettable experience one should get to do in a life time!!

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