Easy Travel Hair Styles
Place   |   Sep 01, 2015

We all know that when we travel we are too lazy to make complicated hairstyles. Most of the time we just tie our hair in a simple ponytail and be done with it.

Here are some ideas for hairstyles that you can do very fast when traveling.

The bow bun. Oh it’s such a cute hairstyle and even if it looks very difficult to do, it is very simple.
– Brush your hair.
– Secure your hair into a ponytail but don’t pull your hair all the way and instead create a loop and leave the ends of tail pointing to your forehead.

– Split your loop in two parts.
– Take the ends of your tail and fold it between your two loops and secure the ends in your elastic, or with a bobby pin.

The Fishtail braid. Takes a little bit longer than normal braided tail but the final result is amazing.
– Brush your hair.
– Secure your hair into a ponytail.

– Divide your hair into two large sections.
– Pull a thin piece of hair from the outside of right part and pull it over to the inside of the left side of your hair.

– Repeat this on the left side as well and go on until you reach the bottom of your braid and tie the bottom with elastic.

Double buns. Looks super sweet and childish and its really simple to do.
– Brush your hair and divide into two sections.
– Take one section and tie it very high into a ponytail, do the same with the other section.

– Now you can either choose to tease them and have super big buns, braid them or keep it natural, I chose to tease them for a bigger volume.

– Now twist your tails and curl the bun around the base of the tail.
– Secure them with bobby pins.

Ballerina bun. It’s very elegant and classy. You either need a mesh donut to do it or a twist magic bun maker.
– Brush your hair
– Secure your hair in a ponytail.

– Pull the ponytail through the hole of the twist magic bun maker and slide the twist down to your ponytail until you see the tips of your ponytail out of the hole.

– Role your hair around the twist until u reach the base of your ponytail.

– Secure your twist ends and check your bun to make sure it looks like a donut.

Messy bun.For a casual trendy style.
– Brush your hair
– Secure your hair in a ponytail.

– Twist your tail
– Curl your bun to the bottom of your tail and leave it relaxed, don’t make it too tight.
– Secure your bun with bobby pins.

Headband curls. You got to have heatless curls which look very natural and add a lot of volume on your hair.
– First step is to wash your hair, dry it and brush it.
– Take the elastic headband and put it on your head in a hipster style.

– Take a small piece of your hair and wrap it over the band.

– Take another small piece and wrap them together …do the same on the other side and continue until you wrapped all your hair.

– Sleep like this and in the morning remove the headband. You will have beautiful curls for a few days.

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