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Place   |   Sep 25, 2019

I have just come back from a super vacation in Paros, I have gotten a taste for boats and the sea on my trip to Ibiza so decided to sample the delights of the Greek islands from the best possible place, on board a really cool boat. The guys at G3boats in Paros have some great boats and skippers, so I chose them for my trip. The boat I had was a Skipper 4×90, a really cool black RIB type boat that was skippered by the wonderful Giannis, who took us to Paros and Antiparos islands. Even though it was a little windy he kept us sheltered as much as he could and was really great and super friendly. The huge advantage of having a boat, is that you can get to see bits of the island that are simply inaccessible from the land side, and Giannis showed us some of the beautiful spots that these Islands have to offer.

The guys at G3Boats are super professional and really provide a great service, the formalities were completed very quickly and they certainly know all the best places to take people, I have some amazing pictures and a lot of very nice memories. I must admit I really love being treated like a rock star and there is no better way to see the beauty of the Greek islands than from the deck of your own private boat. I would definitely recommend G3Boats and will certainly use them again next time I am in Greece.

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