Masseria Il Frantoio in Puglia
Place   |   Jul 18, 2018

I have just discovered a truly amazing place to stay in Italy.  The Masseria Il Frantoio, they are an olive oil producer, and their “masseria” is nestled in the olive groves.  They are fully organic and press their own oil on the premises, and it is sublime.  I arrived quite late in the evening, but just in time for a wonderful surprise 8 course menu at dinner.  The meal was absolutely exquisite, all the fine flavours that only Italy can truly offer, and each course was perfectly matched with local wines, an evening to savour, delicious.

In the morning after a perfect breakfast in the Puglia sunshine, I was given a tour of their museum in the basement  where they used to press the olives and make that wonderful oil.  I spent the afternoon sitting by the poolside, which is beautiful, set in amongst the Olive trees, it was absolutely perfect. I also had the chance to explore the Olive groves, they are simply lovely, so calm and tranquil, and they have some of the oldest Olive trees in the region.  

Masseria Il Frantoio is a truly idyllic spot, perfect if you just want to disconnect from all the hustle and bustle of life.   I can’t recommend it enough if you are in the Puglia region, it is stunningly beautiful, with views that are sublime, the food is perfect, and the staff are so friendly and attentive, I will definitely be back to Masseria Il Frantoio, and you should visit it too, in fact it is worth the trip on its own.


What I wore:

Simplee Apparel top and skirt

Dolce&Gabbana handbag

Fendi sunglasses


7 thoughts on “Masseria Il Frantoio in Puglia

  1. You did a beautiful job. The pictures are just perfect. You also did a great job in the explanation of the them. You truly enjoyed yourself there. It makes me want to visit he area as well.’

    Thank you

  2. Such a beautiful view and sight. Hearing and reading about Masseria ll Frantoio and Puglia makes me want to visit. You look amazing in your outfit as always!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful trip deep inside Italia ! Mixing history, tradition and fashion ! Sure this is a place to tick fornmy next trip in Italia !
    From Paris with love☺️

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