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My dear friends today I’m gonna share with you my impressions about Padua.

Most of the tourists go to Venice but they don’t know that only 30 km away they can see such an amazing city, which is the capital of the region Veneto, a place that is definitely worth a visit. For a trip back in time you want to go visit the historical center, get lost in the ancient arcaded streets, admire the multitude of squares like Piazza dei Signori where you can see one of the world’s oldest public clocks. These squares are filled by shops, galleries, restaurants and bars like Caffe Pedrocchi which is one of the most famous historical caffe in Italy. Most of the historical center is pedestrian only, which makes it very quiet and there are not many tourists so you can really feel the Italian spirit.


Probably the most important thing to visit in Padova is the Basilica di Sant Antonio, which is an extremely large building with numerous domes and a mixture of architectural styles; Romanesque,Gothic and Byzantine. Inside the building you will see the chapels including the one which contains the tomb of Saint Antonio. Separately there is the treasury chapel with Saint Antonio reliquary (his tongue,vocal cords and jaw bone). There people touch with their hands the tomb and pray, mostly sick people who hope for a miracle. In the Basilica you can admire the art of Donatello, the entrance is free, plus inside and outside of the church you can find various souvenirs.

Another highlight of Padova is Prato Della Valle. The largest square in Italy and one of the largest in Europe. The mixture of art, water and green space makes it a perfect place to chill as you can lay on the grass, in the shade of the trees and hear the sound of the fountain which is located right in the middle of the square.


In Padua you can find very good restaurants with low prices but keep in mind that they are open for lunch from 12 pm to 3 pm and for dinner from 6-7pm. So if you are hungry between these hours, best is to step into a cafe and grab a tramezzini, a delicious snack specific to the region of Veneto, made from white bread with various fillings.

I found a very good restaurant, just 30 min out of the city center, called “Da Seba” which is a small owned family business. The beef served at this restaurant is carefully selected and imported by the owner from Argentina and Brazil, then grilled in front of the guests.

Oh and don’t forget about gelato. Gelateria La Romana is very famous in Padua, dated since 1947, they have exotic flavors and it’s very creamy, but be prepared to wait in a long line. A good alternative and in my opinion even better is Gelateria Grom. The taste of Grom ice cream is very intense and if you are a pistachio lover then you have to  try it.


Walking around the narrow streets of Padua you will often see young women matching sneakers or flat sandals with jeans or short skirts, creating a very relaxed, though sofisticated look. By admiring the perfect matched outfits of the locals you can see and feel the passion Italians have for fashion.

What I wore:
-Givenchy shirt
-Guess shorts
-Converse shoes
-Louis Vuitton neverfull bag
-Dior So Real sunnies

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