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Hello my dear readers, I want to apologise for this long break…I had some problems with my site and today I finally fixed them. Firstly I want to wish you a belated “Happy New Year” and I am so sorry I only say it now. Let’s start 2016 with a post about Romethe eternal city.
I visited Rome for the first time in 2009, and I always loved to come back for its
history, sights, restaurants and climate. My recommendation is to visit Rome during
the spring or fall. In the summer the city is extremely hot and in the winter you
risk having too much rain. Best is to stay 3-4 days as this way you have enough
time to enjoy the city without haste and stress.
You should start your day with a visit to the grandiose Colosseum, the Arch of
Constantine and the Palatine Hill, from which you have a spectacular view over the Roman Forum. How amazing it is to see the ancient buildings that are still kept in very good condition.DSC_0136 DSC_0140DSC_0960DSC_0977
The Roman Forum is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, and provides you a view over ancient Rome. You can walk through but have to buy a
ticket first, either at the Colosseum or at the Vittoriano.
The Altar of the Fatherland is placed right at the Piazza Venezia, and if you take
the escalator that takes you to the top of the roof you’ll enjoy a view over the
city center which is especially nice at sunset. Very beautiful as well at this time
of day is the view from the Capitoline Hill over the Roman Forum.
On the left side of the “Campidoglio” you’ll find the symbol of the Roman Empire,
Romulus and Remus.
DSC_0984 DSC_0988 DSC_0990DSC_0001
Approximately 20 minutes’ walk from here is the Largo di Torre Argentina, a square with the remains of Pompey’s Theatre. It’s very funny that the square is full of cats that have found their home there.
For sure the most important squares are Piazza Navona and the Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza della Rotonda and the Pantheon, the Piazza del Popolo, and Piazza di Spagna with the famous Spanish Steps. Walking in the city center of Rome is like reading a history book, and each sight describes for you a certain action of the past.DSC_0523DSC_0527DSC_0477


Two places I particularly enjoyed are the Villa Borghese and Colle del Gianicolo, and from both places you can enjoy a great view over the Roman city center. Absolutely stunning.
Of course whoever comes to Rome cannot miss the Vatican, and the nearby Castel Sant’Angelo and the Bridge of Angels.
Probably one of my favorite sights is the Trevi Fountain. I suggest you to go early in the morning. The best time is around 7 AM, as then you won’t find many tourists, which means you’ll have plenty of time and space to take superb pictures.
A real insider tip is to make the climb onto Aventine Hill. Walking up the road to the right, you will find a wooden door, with a keyhole which gives you an incredible view onto the Vatican through an orange garden. A must-do.DSC_0883DSC_0728
At the bottom of the Spanish Steps starts Via Condotti, the famous shopping street where almost all the great luxury brands opened their stores. On Via del Corso are located the more convenient stores – for example Zara is placed very close to Plaza Colonna, as well as the Rinascente. You could also have a look at the side streets of Via del Corso, as the “homes” of more casual brands can be found there. The bigger outlet stores are Castel Romano which is about one hour from the city centre of Rome by car, and the Euroma2 which is close to the Palasport Stadium and reachable by taking the metro line B.
The hotel choice is pretty important, and I chose to stay at the top of Via Veneto
where you’ll find many top-class hotels like the Westin, the Rome Marriott, the
Jumeirah Grand and Baglioni Hotel Regina.
Just as Rome is the capital of Italy, so Italy is the capital of world food culture. During my stay we booked a table at the Pipero al Rex, which I recommend for a special occasion as it offers a very intimate atmosphere and the food is outstanding. Another great choice for seafood lovers is “La Rosetta”, around the Pantheon. To find a good restaurant is not difficult, try to get a table in an Osteria and you won´t be disappointed. While in Rome, definitely try typical dishes like: Carbonara, Amatriciana, Carciofi alla romana, Carciofi alla giudia, Saltimbocca or Scaloppine. Amazing finger food, bread and prosciutto are some of the highlights at “La Proscuitteria Trevi”. Here we ate a fantastic platter of different cheeses, hams and salamis. A great dessert place is Pompi (which serves delicious tiramisu), or Frigidarium and Grom for ice cream. On Via Condotti is the Antico Caffe Greco, which is one of the oldest cafes in Italy. I could write much more about this magnificent city, but as always the best way is to find out yourself and I hope you will enjoy Rome as much as I did.DSC_0789DSC_0800DSC_0833DSC_0829DSC_0831DSC_0873













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  1. Its wonderful to see freshly taken pics from this city, a real favorite of mine but though ive spent 4 weeks there its still things that i havent seen yet, I will go back some day. As usual you tell about the right things and my favorite spots like Piazza Navona or Aventine Hill. In fact after I read this the first time I checked a TV show, just an hour later, about italian gardens and it started at the Aventine Hill and looking thru the keyhole, pretty cool. At least in my geek eyes.

    1. And I bet there are still sights that I also haven’t seen…You should go back there sometime,Rome is a city that I would always love to go back.

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