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Place   |   Sep 24, 2021

I have just come back from an amazing 4 days at the Santonero hotel in Santorini, or more specifically in Akrotiri.  It’s a brand new complex, in the traditional style of white buildings set into the cliffs, and blends in with the local scenery perfectly.  It is a suite hotel, which means that all the rooms are huge, some of them like the “Presidential Suite” can accommodate 4 persons in real comfort and all of them have a large terrace for relaxing on.  and have their own private infinity pool and jacuzzi, so you can really pamper yourself and have a very relaxing stay.  The rooms themselves are very tastefully decorated, and their minimalist approach to the decoration heightens the feeling of space.  Having so much space and a private pool and jacuzzi is a real treat, especially in Santorini, where most rooms although well appointed are pretty small because they had to be built into the cliffsides, so a room of 50 square meters is very much a treat.  Being a music fan I really liked the sound systems they have in the rooms, driven by Marshall speaker, very high end and a great sound 😊

The hotel is situated overlooking the Caldera of the volcano, so all of the rooms have spectacular views over this ancient volcano, and it is absolutely wonderful to sit on the terrace after a long day just absorbing the views.  Apart from the views the location of the hotel is in a very quiet part of the area, so whilst you can easily get to the places where lots is happening, you are not disturbed by it, so you can also just relax without being bothered by noise and bustle.

The breakfasts were nice and provided plenty of choice, served on the terrace made the start of the day a real pleasure.  The staff are very friendly and welcoming, and do their best to make sure your stay is as enjoyable as possible.  Alex, the manager takes time to greet guests and is very friendly and welcoming, he also knows the island really well and made some great recommendations for things to see and do.  As you would expect from a hotel of this standing, they can arrange transfers from the airport or the port so you can concentrate on having a great time for as long as possible.

I am totally in love with this place, and would definitely recommend it, it has all the style you would expect from a hotel of this class in Santorini, with the unique addition of lots of space, I really can’t get over how much more room there is in comparison to the other resorts in Santorini.

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  1. Beautiful breathtaking views. The peace and harmony sure look like they add to the enjoyment of this hotel. I’ll be sure to stay there when I go to Greece.

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