The Brunch Sweater
Place   |   Feb 29, 2016

Hello folks, today I prepared for you a new outfit post of my favourite  “Brunch Sweater” from Gem&I.

I absolutely love this sweatshirt because it’s very comfortable to wear, it’s 100% cotton and the colour is easy to match. Together with a pair of lounge pants or even jeans it creates a perfect casual/lounge outfit. I usually wear it a lot when I have a long flight, when I go for a walk in the park and of course while I have my brunch 🙂

I matched my Brunch sweater with a pair of Guess relaxed pants, UGG Australia boots and a Moncler jacket because it’s still cold outside but you can wear this sweatshirt also during the spring time, autumn even in a cold day of summer.

If you would like to buy this sweatshirt click here

DSC_0418IMG_8797 DSC_0421 DSC_0429
DSC_0440DSC_0431 IMG_8796


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