The Skin Care Secrets of a Beauty Blogger
Place   |   May 23, 2016
FullSizeRender-6 A few days ago I was asked by to share my skincare secrets and talk about my favorite skincare products which is a great idea for a new blog post 🙂
 I always take a lot of care of my skin, since I was a teen I started to use face and eye cream and later then masks and serums. I can say that I have tried them all and I could give some advice regarding beauty.
The first rule to having beautiful skin is to hydrate, so I drink a lot of water. Right after getting up from the bed, in the morning, I always drink 1 or 2 glasses of water then only after half of hour I have breakfast, as well on the night  before going to bed.
I never go to sleep without cleaning my face, I love to use face wash cleanser, very rare I use toner. Sometimes if I come home late I am sleepy and I just use wet cleansing towelettes that I always keep them near my bed (only rarely, for lazy nights). After cleaning I use pure hyaluronic acid, face and eye cream.
I have tried many products from Oriflame, Lancôme, Clarins, Chanel, Dior and my favorite at the moment are SK ll and La Prairie. La Prarie is quite expensive but it’s worth it. stempowercreme-caviar-luxe-visage_1180_1_1458831103
Once or twice a week I exfoliate my skin with face scrub, recently I found the Olay Pro -X microdermabrasion plus advanced cleansing system which makes miracles and the price is affordable.  14623958
Twice a week I use hydrating face masks that help me prevent the fine lines and recently I found a new favorite product that helps me reduce the dark circles that I am fighting for years with. It’s an eye mask from Shiseido that I use every second day. I used to use slices of cucumbers  that I kept on the fridge to have them cold but what I didn’t liked it was the fact that I had to lay on the bed for 15 min and not move my face. These eye masks stick to your skin and they don’t fall off if you move 🙂 it’s refreshing the skin and also hydrate it. facial-treatment-mask-1shiseido-revital-wrinklelift-retino-science-aa-eye-mask-5-pairs-3830-953487-1-product
I did some research on and I found some great products that I will order soon.
Intensify Facial Discs from Colbert – With gentle microdermabrasion, Intensify Facial Discs assist in skin’s natural repair process by removing dead cells and providing a fresh new luminosity.11212775_6486222_322Gentle rejuvenating cleanser face wash from Algenist –  A combination of alguronic acid and bioactive ingredients, such as witch hazel and oat amino acids.algenist-gentle-rejuvenating-cleanser-for-women-4-ounceDragon’s blood night cream from Rodial- As you sleep, retinol penetrates deep into the skin to help plump fine lines and minimizing their appearance, whilst Hyaluronic Acid reduces the look of wrinkles come morning.10403_G_1403819367516Multi -Perfecting Pore Corrector gel from Algenist -gel-cream moisturizer is formulated with Alguronic Acid and multi-perfecting ingredients (salicylic acid, oligosaccharides) img-thing

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  1. While I’ve loved La Prairie and SK-II, I just find them too budget-unfriendly. I actually found the same (maybe better!) results with a Japanese line called Yu-Be. So much more affordable and my skin is soft, springy, smooth, totally wrinkle-free and never dry.

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