Things to do before going to bed
Place   |   Jul 22, 2015

There are a few things that I do every night before I go to bed which are helping me to stay pretty.
Below you will find a list with my favorite products.

Hydrating our bodies is very important for our health and helps prevent premature ageing, so this is why I allways drink at least 1 glass of water before sleep.

No matter how tired I am, I never forget to remove my make up. During the night it is very important to have a clean face. I use African Bar Soap because it’s organic and keeps my face fresh and it doesn’t make my skin dry.

After removing my make up, I use 100% pure hyaluronic acid solution from Watts Beauty followed by eye cream and face cream which I massage over my face. I am always changing my face cream and right now I use SK ll.

My lips are often dry, so I never forget about them before going to bed. I use EOS lip balm to hydrate them during my sleep.

I hydrate myself by massaging Bio Oil all over my body to wake up with baby skin. I truly love this product.

Let’s not forget about nails and hair! I use Moroccanoil everynight (and morning) for my hair. It’s the best product I ever had, my hair is soft and easy to brush and it doesn’t break anymore. For my nails I use cuticle oil from Sally Hansen.

Do this every night and you will wake up fresh, hydrated and beautiful.

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